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Established in 2012-13, Eseva Kendra is an online service provider that helps people make use of online services on various platforms of the central and state governments and non-government entities. We make this happen by providing a business opportunity to individuals and groups through our franchise programme.
Visiting a government office or a private firm, filling up application forms, making fee payments in cash, etc. are becoming thing of the past as the governments, both at the center and state and private entities are making more and more services available online. Ever-increasing internet penetration and the use of mobile phones and laptops by individuals are pushing governments and non-government establishments to digitize more of their services.
Making use of online services is convenient for the citizens since they can save time, money, and energy. For the government, making services available online is a convenient way of reducing expenditure as well as increasing efficiency and speed. But, for an ordinary citizen who is not well versed in the use of the internet and computers, it would be a difficult task to take advantage of the convenience of the online services. Along with this, all citizens may not be aware of the formalities to be completed for submitting various applications and making payments. In such a situation, it is too difficult for a layman to use online services at the convenience of their home. We work as a middleman helping such people satisfy their needs.
Since the need for such a service is felt across Kerala, it is necessary to set up facilitation centers at various places in the states. We aim to capitalize on this opportunity by allowing entrepreneurs to start their own businesses under our franchise opportunity. Under this programme, an Eseva Kendra will provide about 300 central and state government services and non-government services. Our Vision and Mission are to help common people by providing them the benefits of online government services through our platform.

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